Can a general hair dryer blow heat shrink tubing?

As for the question of whether a hair dryer can shrink heat shrink tubing, you only need to figure out the shrinkage temperature of the heat shrink tubing and the temperature of the hair dryer. The initial shrinkage temperature of conventional heat shrinkable tubes is generally around 70°C, and the maximum temperature of a hair dryer is generally around 80°C. ...

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How to use heat shrinkable number tubes

1. First, you need to print the heat shrinkable number tube: use professional printing equipment to print the line number or logo content, so that it can be marked once and permanently identified, whi ...

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Insulation cases of busbar heat shrinkable tubes in substations and electrical cabinet busbars

The substation has always been a high-voltage environment, in which conductors such as busbars and busbars are all high-voltage. Danger will occur if you are not careful, and the distance between the bus bars will be very large, otherwise arcs will occur, so the insulation of the bus bars becomes very important. At this time, the busbar heat shrink tube manufactured by Duwai Company will come in handy. It is specially designed and produced for the insulation of high-voltage busbars/busbars/copper bars. ...

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