The Contact Box Series General Description

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The Contact Box Series General Description

The Contact Box Series General Description


1. The contact box is formed by epoxy with APG technology, it is used for insulation isolation and connection transition of various switch trucks.

2. Operation Condition

Ambient temperature:+40℃~10℃

The relative humidity shall not be more than 95%at +20℃ ambient temperature.

Places without gas, steam, dust and other explosive and corrosive media that seriously affect the insulation of contact box

3. Technical Date &Requirement

① The same contact of the contact box shall withstand power frequency test voltage(effective value )of 42kv for 5 minutes and lightning impulse voltage (peak value) of 75KV.

② The temperature of lead-out terminal shall not be more than 65℃ if the contact box is used for long time in rated current condition.

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