What Is The Busbar Insulator?

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A low voltage busbar insulator is a component that is used to insulate and support busbars, which are metal bars used to distribute low voltage electrical power.

The insulator is designed to prevent electrical current from flowing to other components or objects, and to provide a barrier between the conductor and the surrounding environment.

This helps to maintain the safety and integrity of the electrical system.

A low voltage busbar insulator is typically made of a dielectric material such as porcelain, glass, or polymer.

It is designed to have a high mechanical strength to support the weight of the busbar and any attached equipment, as well as high electrical insulation properties to prevent electrical breakdown.

The insulator is usually shaped like a cylinder or a cone, and may have flanges or mounting brackets to attach it to a support structure.

Some low voltage busbar insulators may also have features such as ribs or sheds to enhance their performance in harsh environments.

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